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Software division. Computational solutions.


                   Software Engineering Products.  

                Advanced Computational Solutions.


                                        High Performance Computing.  HPC Solutions. 

                               Parallel-Vectorized Algorithms and Original Source Codes.







Fluids Transport Systems: Installations. Operation Simulations. Computer Aided Design.

    - Hydraulic and thermodynamic calculations. Industrial systems 3D installations. Branched flow systems.

    - Graphical User Interface ( GUI ). Physical (hardware) installations commands. Expert system. 

    - Engineering applications. Pumps and Compressors coupling. Energy Efficiency. Graphic-numeric data bank.

    - Automatic &  intelligent graphical-3D industrial hardware plant installation generation.  Pumping Systems.


Industrial pumping systems and fluids transportation. Hydraulic calculations and 3D installations. Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Version 7.3.8 new applications:  

    - Irrigated Lands.  Irrigation systems (water pumps, branched pipes and channels. simultaneous flows) calculations for:

       - Grapes crops (wineries. vineyards).

            - Land areas (all flat or uneven slanted levels) water supply distribution (optimized grow & fermentation algorithms).

            - Grape juice & kinds of wine production simulations.

    - Irrigated green-houses.  Irrigation systems (reservoirs, water pumps. branched pipes and sprayers simultaneous flows) calculations for:

       - Crops: asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, peppers, berries.




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   contact: Information. FluTrans-CAD.


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Orbital dynamics calculations and space missions numerical simulation.

Multiple gravitational fields. Computer Aided Development.

    - Launching windows.  Ascent.  Low earth orbit injection.  Separation parameters.  Parking & Transfer orbits.  Apogees.  Perigees.

    - Coasting.  Maneuvers.  Propulsion.  Inclined orbits.  (3D simulations).  Numerical analyses and projections.  Terrestrial Tracking.

    - Geo-synchronous orbit final position.  Orbital Period.  Drift compensation. Orbital useful lives.  Space assets administration ( ROI ).

    - Attitude.  Orbital Position & Orientation.  Animated 3D Space Trajectories.  

    - Spacecrafts:  Satellites (Telecommunications.  Weather.  Earth Monitoring).  Experimental vehicles.  Micro or nano -satellites.

                            New algorithms for Commercial space travel (orbital & sub-orbital). Cargo. Passengers vehicles. Mission planning. ROI.


Orbital views: Polar & Equatorial planes. 3D-perspective. Animated mission simulation.


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   contact: Information. OrbiDyn-CAD.


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"Financial Control Room".  Panels, Displays, Commands, and Management Directives.

( see photos gallery )






Multi-monitor   &   multi-tasking  ( multi-core  parallel )   financial software.





Previews: see descriptions






Software product general presentation: Computational Modules. Business-User Graphical Interface.



Software product description.


   Software title:



Corporate Control Panel welcome presentation screens ( 8 monitor NATURBO's extended configuration ).

( Here 27 inches all 8 monitors.  30 inches monitors configuration also available ).


   Software Details:

The CORPORATE CONTROL PANEL concept, implements a new business administration & management strategy

and a new corporate headquarters directives interventions methodology, to timely and more effectively conduct a




The innovative use of IT technologies incorporated in this financial software application computational strategies,

establish an advanced bidirectional communication port between one or more businesses and a remote Control

Panel  "operator"  ( >> financial manager, consultant, analyst, or corporate directive),  sending back, valuable

and opportune decisions and directives, furthermore, in financial and operating performance "real-time".  


Empowering Business Management and Administration through Financial and Operative "Real-Time" visibility.



Lower central monitor presents the controls to activate the CCP Main Computational Modules.

No view in any monitor presents scroll, drag, or resize controls. This software solution has

no need to perform those window operations, offering an innovative software engineering with

up to 110 different independent screen views distributed and dynamically up-dated in all the

monitors, as the user decides, with no limitations of video memory.


CORPORATE CONTROL PANEL is an advanced multi-tasking (authentically multi-core parallel) numerical and

graphical software engineering solution, which creates an innovative "Management Command Control Center"

environment and physical scenario with an active "Financial Control Panel",  which is comprised of, a workstation

computer with 2 quad- or six-core processors, multiple monitors, and the computational mechanisms, where a

Financial Manager or a Corporate Directive can activate:


> Corporate governance structure policies and "course of actions" expert systems files,

> Internal "real-time" (today´s) accountability files automated (artificial intelligence) analyses,

> A dedicated real economic content and true financial position financial statements presentation,

> A documented lessons computational library and correlated variables analyses,

> An original "business flows process diagram" with an automatic business status assessment, profit and costs stations,

> Operating peformance monitoring and supervisory computational tasks, and

> Sophisticated computational experiments in business management decisions,


all with a generous quantity of advanced logic-numeric methods and special purpose mathematical analysis tools

for strategic (short term) budget planning, long term business plans analyses, and "intelligent" financial projections

(pro-forma), all directly activated with new innovative "smart-icons" in an attractive, ergonomic, motivational visual

animated financial information presentation in all the multiple active windows distributed in all the monitors

(6 recommended, 8 maximum), including here, plenty active animated financial digital and analog displays, multiple visual

aids, scrollable data tables, active diagrams, graphs and plots,  flashing "financial alerts" pilot colored lights and "operation

performance" acoustic alarms (beeps), making this active "financial control panel" a valuable management tool, and which

all together permit a financial manager to perform a new and more efficient business control and timely conduction

(seconds of multi-core processor time) or a remote  "same day" corporate directive analysis and intervention.



Financial Manager Business Administration new methodology.  

Operations and Finance  "Control Room Panels".

New visual and operative advantages.


Furthermore, multiple NATURBO's "Computational Slides" C.R. or films, transparent and opaque, allow an improved interaction

of mouse and keyboard activities, and without the need of different regular operating system windows in the monitors, create

an effective, very agile and versatile operation methodology, duplicating a "control room panels" presentation, with easy input

of numerical data and activation of financial analyses, graphs, and plots, offering total simultaneous visibility of multiple Business

Administration areas, topics, and tasks, including: -- Visual Computational Accountability operations and transactions, -- Automatic

Business Status Assessments, -- Business Monitoring and Supervisory Tasks, -- Business Plans intelligent projections and results,

-- Corporate Governance regulations, policies, and course of actions, -- Financial Documented Lessons, -- Investment Projects and

Financing Mechanisms analyses, -- Accountability internal Corporate standars and normalization, and many, many more.  


With 110 active slides in this program, available to be distributed in all the monitors, all the graphical and numerical information

once generated, remains permanently and readily available (independently of the video or RAM memory), adjusted to the physical

dimensions of the screens, with no need for opening and closing any regular windows  or  operating "scroll" controls in any monitor,

moving the information in any slide from one monitor to any other, without dragging or restoring regular windows.


Mouse events are active in all the monitors simultaneously in all the visible slides, with animated indicator lights and semaphores,

offering altogether, a better presentation and operation functionality than regular windows specially in a multi-monitor environment,

with all the financial and accountability information presented with a "Financial Control Room" panels' total visual availability.



[ For this purpose, NATURBO includes in this software solution, its "Turbo-Slides" C.R. Advanced Computational

Visualization (ACV) system, which overrides the normal operating system windows management and behaviour,

including new capabilities for screens control in all the monitors, images and "slides" lay-out and distribution,

video memory needs administration, new animated visual aids, controls, and advantages for screens visual

presentations, improved mouse and keyboard events, adding floating self-positioning menus, animated indicators,

and also "smart icons" for multi-monitor environments screens, offering all the aforemetioned attractive,

productive, effective, and technologically innovative characteristics for a new user graphical interface, which

can be used with any software solution, creating a beneficial repercussion improving the operating system´s

visual capabilities and any software solution operative and computational advantages ].

( See end NOTE : )




Empowering Business Management through Real World Simulation.

Intelligent Computational Experiments in Business Management Decisions.

"Virtual Business"  Finance and Operative Performance Forecasting. Business Plans.


This software solution computational capabilities permit a timely control of a business operations and management

decisions with preventive interventions, as an every day common, usual, or habitual directive activity or practice,

establishing corporate business policies, performing remote (internet) business monitoring, assessment, and supervisory

automatic tasks, and also, the analysis with a customized artificial intelligence, of business plans and the future

repercussions of present management decisions, activating, for this, three main modules:








In this new concept of business administration, it is included the innovative and strongly intuitive

"Human-Business Graphical Interface" which permits a Financial Manager or "Financial Panel Operator" to perform all

of his or her duties without any further training or user manual knowledge, since the interface computationally duplicates

the same way of thinking and reasoning applied in an ordinary ( non-computational ) business evaluation process (paper

and pencil) [elaborate business assessment >> financial statements presented >> problem detection >> study information >>

request data >> analyze, quest, search and detect >> perform calculations >> get results >> arrange presentations

and reports >> issue timely solution directive].


The financial panel operator, is then able, to proceed directly without any paperwork or meetings, as he or she determines,

to request through the multiple "smart-icons" any financial data or internal accountability information, presentation, study

elaboration, analysis, graph, numerical correlation, business status assessment, or final report, present or projected,

that considers necessary to issue a decision or directive, all this, in seconds of a multi-core processor (recommended)

time in one multi-monitor active "financial control panel", and strategically, all this information is obtained directly from the

internal accountability files themselves, which fully represent, at any moment, the real business economic content and

present true financial position as should be reported.


In this computational environment, a Financial Manager can establish corporate policies, apply directives, perform

automated business status assessments, monitoring and supervisory control tasks, developing as well, the strategic

budget planning and future business plans decisions numerical-logical analyses, to conduct the business in a timely,

usual, and more efficient way, without additional costs and time consuming obligations, having all this information

and capability simultaneously available from a Financial Control Panel with multiple monitors and active windows.



   Key Features and Benefits:


- "COMPUTATIONAL CORPORATE GOVERNANCE"  main module activation, permits the master access to

Corporate Policies Structure files. In this module can be established the numerical parameters and logical inferences

representations of the business' Corporate Governance policies, determinations, numerical limits and ranges, regulations,

and logical "course of actions" in decision making, which are used and applied (in other modules and sub-modules) to

perform a remote assessment of the present business status of operations and finance (in "real-time"), or to

computationally decide "in the future" about any financial or operating decisions that appear in numerically projected

financial analyses and business plans scenarios studies ( "intelligent" PRO-FORMA statements ) affecting all business'

areas, representing "in the future" the application of the same present corporate governance policies and determinations.


This module interacts with the "DOCUMENTED LESSONS COMPUTATIONAL LIBRARY" sub-module, where are

activated historical financial data analyses (data progressively saved in the data-banks), with the specific purpose of

detecting and documenting previous management errors or successes, external macroeconomic variables

repercussions, historical low sales scenarios justification variables and correlations, market situations, cyclic, periodic

or seasonal behaviors, and historical situations and decisions that produced in the past non-acceptable business

financial positions or poor operating performances. Prospective numerical projections can be obtained here to study

and analyze the future behavior of any business variable based on its historical data, and to correlate it with other

business and macro- & microeconomic variables, generating the business model and econometric equations.




On the other hand, the computational characteristics of this module and the artificial intelligence therein included,

involves also internal accountability or financial management policies and regulations, and with the activation of

the "CENTER FOR ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING ANALYSIS" sub-module, enforces the final presentation

of Financial Statements with a real business economic content and a true financial position as reported,

reducing or even eliminating any discretional, undisciplined, and inconsistent internal accountability practice.


The sub-module "CENTER FOR CORPORATE DATA BANKS ADMINISTRATION" is responsible for all the

corporate files administration and computational data-banks lay-out and organization, automatically requesting

and up-dating them via internet, and offering a wide availability of historical and present day information and clearly

identified new information files, again, through the "smart-icons" capabilities.



- "BUSINESS FLOWS PROCESS DIAGRAM"    active control panel main module activation, permits the graphical

animated direct presentation of all the business present, up-dated (today's) internal accountability data files ( internet

downloaded ), allowing corporate headquarters directives to activate and perform a remote timely "real-time"

"Automatic Business Status Assessment", involving therein, the established corporate governance policies,

determinations, numerical limits and ranges, and artificial intelligence predicates, to search, quest, detect, and

inform about all abnormal accountability accounts variations and excesess, persistent negative behaviors,

non-acceptable or high risk financial positions, or financial deficit / default collision trends, presenting all the

required justifications.


Directive needed intervention in today's business financial position and operations, is clearly identified and

detected, been able to apply directly timely directive corrective measures.


Business Flows Process Diagram Active Control Panel computational slides ( 8 monitor

configuration ) overview.  The lower three central monitors, share the Control Panel (mouse

events or keyboard inputs are active in all three monitors, which have, every one

independent slides).   This multi-monitor Control Panel contains the finance controls and

numerical analyses activation smart icons and digital displays.  The upper three monitors,

present graphical and numerical results, accountability and financial information, with data

banks present or historical variables.  The lower two far lateral monitors, present user

requested (smart icons) indications and instructions texts, calculations details, Control Panel

software communications, and user help requests.


This animated "Business Flows Process Diagram" active control panel, presents graphically actual business

flows and accountability operations (cash, reconciliations, adjustments, and transactions) representing the Income,

Balance and Cash Flow Statements in different digital displays which are as well "smart-icons" with further

information. Herein are also included multiple graphical aids as: active "pipe" flows, accessories, costs stations,

profitability stations, "Inventory", "Liabilities", "Equity" and "Cash" accounts with additional information.



A closer look at the Business Flows Process Diagram main screens.

Any of the 110 active slides can receive visibility in any monitor, and can be moved to any

other monitor.  Animated pilot lights and semaphores indicate for any slide, mouse or

keyboard input available or requested, new local information received, and many other

blinking color coded lights instructions and indications. Animated texts inform for any user

pending operation or requested information.


This business status graphical presentation of information in different monitors and active windows, permits the

virtual implementation of an industrial process "Control Room" environment, so to speak, where the business

flows and financial position themselves constitute the process' variables being controlled, automatically monitored

and supervised, creating a "Financial Control Room" scenario with a comfortable, ergonomic, motivating, total,

simultaneous, and direct availability of all numerical data presentations in different monitors, animated graphical

aids, graphs and plots of data, and different digital and analog displays, with acoustic alarms and flashing alert

pilot lights activated from different "financial sensors", and where a Financial Manager represents, in this case,

the control panel process "operator".


Lower left monitor, sharing the Active Control Panel (central monitor) financial and accountability

icons instruction set.   This monitor presents also monitors and slides controls.   Lower far left

lateral monitor (red screen), presents instructions and indications texts requested to smart icons

by the user (6 mouse events pre-defined callback routines for every smart icon, events or mouse

activity identified with indicator color animated pilot lights).  

( See figures in:  PANEL, FINANCE_1 and FINANCE_2 pages ).


Furthermore, the activation of the "Business Monitoring and Supervisory Control Tasks" generates additional

active control panels with valuable business financial information, relevant not only to the business management itself,

but also to shareholders, investors, and external analysts, information needed to be continuously assessed and



Business variables as: wealth creation, management effectiveness, equity valuation, capital structure,

dividends per share, investment opportunities schedules, present value of future persistent earnings, cost of capital

trends, and many financials and ratios, including the historical and projected behavior of many other important stock

exchange and investors variables.




Directive corporate headquarter decisions and interventions can be applied as an habitual or every-day activity, to

conduct the business in an efficient and timely way, with healthier end of the year statements, without harmful

delays, end of the year detected permanent damages, additional costs, and time consuming analyses, paperwork,

endless management meetings with long digressing discussions.


Lower right monitor, sharing the Active Control Panel (central monitor) financial and

accountability icons instruction set.  This monitor animated sub-panels presents mouse

events indicator lights, busy processors (cores) lights, including also, monitors and slides

controls and information displays.  Lower far right lateral monitor (green and grey screen),

presents calculations details, software communications, and user help requests.


With this module and the multi-monitor active control panel, a financial manager or corporate directive, has remotely

( via internet ), a complete vision and understanding of the present true business operations status and financial position,

can numerically project and observe a near future from historical accountability projected data, can evaluate,

supervise, and control the present business management effectiveness, and all business financials and ratios, and

can effectively and timely conduct the business to better stages of wealth creation, doing this, even every day, as a

usual practice, remotely, from any place, if he or she considers is necessary.


This physical multi-monitor & multi-windows presentation of all the needed financial and operation information of a

business in a active animated "Financial Control Panel", was designed and has proved to improve working conditions

helping to perform any management or corporate directive activity in a more dedicated, concentrated, intense, and

efficient way, full of interest and attraction in the subject matters, allowing any enterprising to correctly proceed.


Even Board of Directors meetings can be more expedited and effective, solving thereon concrete direct matters about

the present business status and financial position.




a Financial Manager to perform a very sophisticated logical-numerical analysis of complex, elaborated, multi-variable,

interacting management decisions affecting the business future financial position, operating performance, and growth.


Computational Experiments in Business Management Decisions Control Panel slides

( 8 monitor configuration ) overview.  Lower central monitor contains all the Control Panel

finance and analyses (sub-modules) activation controls. All other slides ( 109 ) distributed

in all the monitors, respond with information presentations, becoming visible according to

requested tasks in progress, with no need of regular windows controls, and no limitations

in video memory.


With this numerical-logical tool, a Financial Manager can compute, observe, and study "a possible future" in the business

financial position and operating performance, experimenting numerically the repercussions of different present suppositions,

investment projects, and financing implications, with the added advantage, that all the corporate policies established

will be applied computationally during the projected periods of that "future", controlling so, with this artificial intelligence,

the decisions and determinations to be applied on the business (intelligent PRO-FORMA financial statements), presenting

the artificial intelligence symbology justifications for any given decision applied in that possible future.


A closer look.  Very sophisticated Business Plans evaluations can be implemented with the

analysis and numerical capabilities of this module and its sub-modules. Slides present

projected numerical data, trend curves, forecastings, costs, profitability and expense

analyses, and a very useful and detailed graphical-numerical elaboration and presentation

of pro-forma Financial Statements according to Corporate Governance policies.




AND OPTIMIZATION POWERSTATION" sub-modules, creating, all together, a realistic present business

financial position numerical scenario to be evaluated ( computationally experimented ) and projected.     



Detailed Computational Experiments in Business Management Decisions need an

overwhelming quantity of simultaneous financial variables, calculations, suppositions,

forecastings, financing implications and repercussions, all of which are available in

this control panel. All graphical and numerical tasks are executed in parallel by

different processor cores, allowing a very agile response to any Control Panel activity.


Strategic Business Plans or Budget Planning (short term) or Business Plans (long term) finance cases and numerical

projections, can be elaborated to detail and determined, knowing the possible financial future repercussions of any

financing, investment, or management strategy present decision, numerical projections obtained furthermore,

modeling or simulating the complete business operation with embedded investment projects, financing instruments,

and input suppositions, not as isolated or individual projects or financing decisions.



Graphical-numerical presentations of Financial Analyses interacting in all the monitors,

transfering information, and up-dating graphical results and numerical values.


All these modules include, an innovative arrangement and ensemble of original algorithms, subroutines, and advanced

numerical methods, to compute and graphically present, the results of elaborate multi-dimensional numerical analysis,

from, all kind of financial calculations, to econometric forecastings, variables correlations, random analyses, probability

distributions, optimizations, discrete simulations, parametric business models equations, and prospective trends,

furthermore including, original algorithms for those special purpose financial analysis tools published in advanced literature

and research papers.    


Control Panel user's front view.


Control Panel user's left view.


Control Panel user's right view.


Financial Information from the Control Panel "operator" ( user´s ) views, presented in slides

in any of the monitors.  Any financial study or analysis is promptly available from a mouse

click in the main control panel ( lower central monitor ), changing input variables values,

suppossitions, business management strategies, investment projects, and financing implications.


The Advanced Computational Visualization ( ACV ) system, integrated in all the computational

modules and sub-modules of this software solution, creates an improved capability and a

innovative methodology very useful to any Financial Manager, and generates a more effective

computational user´s environment, operative advantages, and professional development.




Once a business or corporation accountability and finance procedures, get progressively further normalized, sistematized,

and structured, retroactively, by this software solution, it has proved to become the best tool to direct, conduct, and control a

business, and where a CFO has total information availability to perform her or his duties in a "Financial Active Control Panel"

with the Information Technologies capabilities to remotely analyse accountability files ( download ) and timely issue directives

to any corporate business.


CORPORATE CONTROL PANEL, as a software solution, has accumulated, to this present version 8.0, 19 years of

continuous development and improvement, financial computational documentation, professional experience, and software

engineering research, and has become an important financial and corporate tool.


has proprietary rights on all the elements of the original "CORPORATE CONTROL PANEL" concept, business management

methodology and modules,  and on the:    "Management Command Control Center" ,  "Active Financial Control Panel",  "Human-Business

Graphical Interface",   "Computational Slides & Films",   "Turbo-Slides Advanced Computational Visualization system",  "Business Flows

Process Diagram",   "Automatic Business Status Assessment",   "Business Monitoring and Supervisory Control Tasks",  and  "smart-icon" 

software engineering,  algorithms,  and original source codes.




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Note: >>>> NATURBO welcomes any direct valid invitation or communication to present its intellectual property, software

projects, and computational innovations, to any company or corporation worldwide, and declines, to recognize or in any way

to acknowledge, the participation or involvement, of any acting self-proclaimed intermediary or mediator, company, institution,

agency, or individual.  ( only direct information contact next ).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Request additional information about Corporate Control Panel software product.

   contact: Information. Corporate Control Panel.









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  See: Business Flows Process Diagram Control Panel. Computational Visual Accountability:  > >  "PANEL"


See: Financial evaluations and presentations examples:


  > > "FINANCE_1"  Business Assessment Justifications & Graphs.

  > > "FINANCE_2"  Business Monitoring and Supervisory Tasks.

  > > "FINANCE_3"  Computational Experiments in Business Management Decisions.  Intelligent Business Plans.






   see  CENTROS DE TECNOLOGIA :  A Technology View.













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